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Business-Made-Simple-CoachingThe Business Made Simple team is an award winning group of experts that, since 1999, has helped thousands of business people spanning across Africa, United Kingdom, Middle and South East Asia through training, books, DVDs, consulting, and coaching.

Business Made Simple understands that, for a business to grow, it needs to invest in the on-going training and career development of its greatest assets – its people. Our programmes offer access to a comprehensive range of business skills, tools and techniques and are applicable to all levels within a business – from the owner and managers, to the junior members of the team.

Whether you choose to come to one of our public programmes, or to run a programme in-house, our speciality is turning complicated concepts and information into simple action steps that can be implemented immediately.

Our team brings our clients a wealth of practical information, helping them to develop the techniques and strategies to consistently overcome frustrations,
challenges and disorganisation.


Business-Made-Simple-TrainingHere are the 5 Reasons to Contact us:

  1. During these challenging economic times, you want to maintain and perhaps grow your business by investing in your management and to protect it from staff turnover, low productivity and declining morale
  2. Our talent is communicating business concepts in a brief, but very powerful format – through training, coaching and mentorship.
  3. Our training programmes are EASY to understand and PRACTICAL (case studies, role-plays, group work, practical exercises & real-life examples) This is what makes us different!
  4. Our templates and tools were developed by expert trainers delivering 108 courses across four continents, so we can guarantee that your team will apply what they have learnt.
  5. Ask around – people know about us! Much of our business comes from referrals, showing how clients value our impact on their businesses

The Challenge:

One of the biggest challenges that businesses face is retaining talented staff and keeping them motivated. A survey on South African companies showed that an average staff turnover of 22% per year could cost each organisation over R3.8million for recruitment. On the other hand, when highly competent technical people are promoted, only 16% of them receive management
training. That leaves 84% who are in management positions but are not able to efficiently manage and retain their teams. (Source: Stats SA)

Business Made Simple is registered with the Services SETA under the Services Sector Education and Training Authority (Accreditation Number 3697) and is currently rated a Level 2 BEE contributor by Nexia Levitt Kirson, a registered BEE audit agency.

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